How to get your mesurements 

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How to get your measurements



Use a measuring tape and pull it firm, but not tight.


Measure from the center of the back below the collar over the shoulder and down to the wrist.


Measure below the Adam's apple.


Measure over the shirt, but not over pants or belt at the desired position usually around the navel.


Lay a pair of pants on a flat surface. Measure on the outside of the leg from the top of the waistband to the bottom. This gives you an outseam measurement. Now subtract 10 inches from that figure (10.5 inches for waist size 36 and larger) to get the inseam measurement. For example, if the outseam is 38 inches you should order a 27.5 inch inseam.

Measure at the broadest point with the tape under the armpit.


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